Cost of Care & Sponsorship


  • A monthly gift of $200 will provide one of our adoptable or sanctuary horse

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Cost of Care:

If you’re interested in helping us support horses in need, but also want to know what your donation can actually do… here’s a quick look at what it costs to care for a horse.

The average monthly cost to provide food, water & maintenance varies from $180-$250 depending on the horses needs:

  • Monthly hay, grain, supplements average – $180.00

  • Yearly routine vaccines – $250.00

  • Yearly dental care – $180.00

  • Every other month farrier hoof trims – $60.00

  • Yearly Dewormer – $60

  • Other unknown veterinarian services can range from 100’s to 1,000’s of dollars:

    • Euthanasia – $200-300 not including burial
    • Emergency lacerations can range over $500
    • Colic care can range over $1,000 not including surgery
    • Rehabilitation of neglected can triple the average costs