Care Providers & Supporters

Care Providers:

Caring for large animals that have been abandoned, neglected or simply need more care than their owners can give is very costly.  Rescuing, Rehabilitating & Re-homing horses is a labor of love of many people and services. From volunteers, farriers, veterinarians to computer IT help, EVERYONE makes this possible.

  • Veterinarians

    • Dr. Courtney Mael
    • Countryside Large Animal Veterinary Services
    • Southwest Veterinary Service – Dr. Jeff Warren
  • Farriers

    • Don Hager
    • Tyler Garrison
    • Dean Geason
  • Community Connections

    • Envision – Creative support for people with developmental disabilities
  • Support

    • Community Resources Durango
    • Equine Health and Performance, Spring Hill, Tennessee
    • Softride Boots, Baycliff, Texas
    • JT Feeds, Greeley, CoA&E Farming Platteville, Co

Supporters & Donors:

LASSO could not operate without the generous gifts received from grantors. The assistance received from the below grants have provided hay banks, gelding clinics, humane euthanasia, building & training supplies and much more.


  • CUHA – Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance

  • El Pomar/Sally Beck Foundation

  • LPEA Round Up Foundation

  • Thomas and Linda Scott

  • John and Marsha Farrell

  • Ballantine Family Fund

  • Feed the Hungry – American Humane

Charitable donations made by private donors, gifts made in memory of loved ones and those made in kind enable LASSO to continue our work and make more of impact that we are able to express. Our gratitude to each and every one of you never goes unnoticed.