Meena & Fox, and Salle

Meena & Fox, and Salle Need Your Help

These 3 beautiful faces have recently been surrendered to LASSO and are needing your donations!

After days of planning, it took 3 people, 2 trailers and hours of convincing to get them off a treacherous mountain. All 3 were taken to a local vet hospital to receive much needed care. The mare with foal will need multiple surgeries to rebuild severe tearing she endured during foaling. The quote for this procedure is $2,000.

The other mare sadly lost her baby. Further she retained her placenta and is being watched for complications such as laminitis or infection.

Both mares are severely emaciated and receiving free choice hay and pounds of grain daily. The bags of feed are $25 a bag.

The filly is doing well! She is receiving milk replacer pellets, in hopes of supporting her mom’s supply. The bucket of milk replacer is $70.

Please consider donating even $5 or $10 dollars to these wonderful girls and help them on their road to recovery!!

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