​Caring for large animals that have been abandoned, neglected or simply need more care than their owners can give is very costly.  LASSO relies on the support and kindness of horse lovers to help horses in need. At the moment we're in serious need of donations for hay to feed our horses until Spring.

If you're interested in helping us support horses in need, but also want to know what your donation can actually do... here's a quick look at what it costs to care for a horse:

Horse care costs

  • $45.00  trimming costs per two months, to trim a horse's feet

  • $125.00 feeding costs, to feed one horse for one month

  • $150.00 housing costs, to keep a horse in a pasture for one month

  • $295.00 - $325.00 veterinary costs, to provide basic medical care to a horse for one year

Complete list of ways to help

  • Become a volunteer- barn help, maintenance, write grants...

  • Donate money or needed materials

  • Adopt a horse

  • Come to events sponsored by or in support of LASSO

  • Stay open to learning more about horses


LASSO Horse Rescue & Equine Therapy

Large Animal Support Southwestern Organization

LASSO Horse Rescue

P.O. Box 2291

Pagosa Springs, CO. 81147

(970) 946-0891

(214) 668-1605


Help us provide food and care for horses in need by making a  tax-deductible donation. Your on-line credit card transaction is safe with the use of Paypal.