Archuleta School District Riding - April 2011

Thank you to all who helped to make this special day a memorable one!

Special horses, special people riding event -  August 2011

August 26-28th. Thanks to all who were involved in making the special needs riding event happen!  Friday the participants played in the arena with some simple exercises and following the rail, then did some drill team type manoeuvers.  Saturday was cancelled due to very muddy conditions. Then Sunday they had an opportunity to work on a trail course with various stations set up along the way. Each day was followed by a luncheon.

Special horses, special people riding event - August 2012

Thanks to all who participated in the special needs riding event this year! We think the athletes, their families and the volunteers all had a good time...

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Special horses,  special people riding event - September 12  and  13, 2014

Thanks to all who helped make this event on September 12 and 13, 2014 a wonderful experience.  Riders were able to play on an obstacle course in a big outdoor arena and later venture out for a short trail ride.  Special thanks to Terry & Yvonne Wilson for hosting this special event!

Special horses, special people

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