LASSO Horse Rescue & Equine Therapy

Large Animal Support Southwestern Organization


  • implementing educational programs to help all large animal owners understand the intricacies and responsibilities inherent in caring for their animals, and the negative impact on those animals if that care is not given, 

  • working with local and regional law enforcement agencies to provide assistance, refuge, and medical treatment for animals that are found to be suffering from abuse, neglect, or injury,

  • working with animal owners to provide assistance, shelter, and care for animals whose owners cannot or will not, due to medical, financial or other legitimate reasons, be able to care for their animals either temporarily or on a medium term basis,

  • providing therapeutic riding for special needs individuals and hosts annual riding events for these groups,

  • and LASSO rehabilitates and places horses in permanent homes.

 If you would like to learn more about our organization, please feel free to contact us by phone, email or mail.


Evelyn Breaux Tennyson - President
Evelyn was born in Germany, raised in New Orleans and studied Psychology at LSU. She worked at Hibernia National Bank in New Orleans in Mergers & Acquisitions until 1993 when she and her husband, Mike, relocated to Dallas. In Dallas, she worked with Computer Sciences Corporation as a Project Estimation Specialist  until 2005 when she decided to devote her time to working with charities. In 2008, Evelyn and Mike finally built their dream home in Pagosa Springs and are still splitting their time between Pagosa Springs and the Dallas area.  Evelyn has always had a passion for animals, large and small alike. She has been an avid horse-lover since she got her first horse, an Appaloosa, at age 11. She joined the LASSO team in 2010.

DiAnn Hitchcox - Director of Operations

Born in Durango, CO, a rancher's daughter, DiAnn has been involved with the care and training of animals all of her life. She was a senior administrator of Xerox Corporation for 10 years and was active in many community-related organizations. Co-founder of LASSO, her experience includes working with county officials, Doctors of Veterinary medicine and their staffs, and numerous large animal owners and breeders. DiAnn is a Level I Equine Investigator with the University of Missouri, School of Criminal Investigations. Her responsibilities include the creation and administration of educational materials, membership management and fundraising and overall horse-care management

Eva Iwicki - Treasurer
From her very first dog, rescued from a Chicago snowbank in 1980, to her first horse, purchased from a stable after it had been abandoned by its owner, 'rescued animals' have always been Eva's favourite breed. After moving to Pagosa Springs 15 years ago, Eva and her husband Jim have always been involved with LASSO in some small way or another by volunteering for events or fostering horses. After the passing of her two aged horses brought along with her from California, Eva's heart told her that if she was to have another horse - it must be a rescue. Her life has since been blessed with Gus, a poster boy for horse rescue , and recently rescued barn cat. 

Marlene Meiners - Co-secretary  Co

Marlene grew up in Tampa, Florida. She received her BA at UNF and her MA at NOVA. She was appointed to the Florida Governors Council on Indian Affairs by Governor Lawton Chiles and has served on the council for nearly twenty years. She is a retired educator and was once honoured by her peers by having been selected as the Teacher of the Year. She has been married to her college sweetheart Frank for 51 years. They are the proud parents of 3 children. Marlene and Frank moved to Pagosa Springs in 2000. She is very active with St. Patrick's Church and loves her work at LASSO. She especially enjoys working with the 'Special horses, special people' participants.

Nancy Crouse, BS, MS, MA - Co-secretary
Nancy's education lies in math and computer education. She was a teacher and administrator for 28 years in California. She and her husband, Bill, own 2 Arabian horses, Mystic and Rella. Rella, abandoned and seriously wounded, was found wandering near a local horse farm. After receiving extensive care from LASSO, Nancy adopted her. Nancy is very interested in educating area residents, especially youth, in the proper treatment and care of large animals.

Kimberley Frank - Facility Director

Growing up on a ranch, Kimberly's passion to help and care for horses started at an early age. She became a founding member of LASSO in 2002. Kimberly went on to graduate from Colorado State University with Animal Science degree and is currently an elementary school teacher. LASSO's Northern Colorado facility is located at the home of Kimberly and her husband Erik. During her spare time, she enjoys barrel racing with her horse Peach and helping Erik farm. 



LASSO Horse Rescue

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Meet our board of directors

Lasso Horse Rescue was established in August of 2001 and is an approved non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization. Check with your accountant to be sure non-monetary donations can be used as tax deductions.

LASSO is a concerned and dedicated group of people whose mission is to ensure no large animal in the state of Colorado suffers needlessly as a result of human or natural consequence. Some of our current activities as part of this mission include: